Unlocking Peak Performance: Automato's Tips for Maintaining Focus During Work Phases

Written by
Dmitrii Pechkovskii-Tsikorin
Published on
Feb 27, 2024
Updated on
Feb 27, 2024
Unlocking Peak Performance: Automato's Tips for Maintaining Focus During Work Phases

Focusing on tasks can be challenging, especially with the many distractions in today's world. Additionally, you might not be working alone, and others could intrude on your personal space. In such situations, a comprehensive set of tips and tactics can be incredibly helpful. By implementing and using these strategies, you can achieve remarkable results! Remember, you have the power to shape your environment. Sometimes, simply changing or removing one thing can make you three times more productive.

There is a list of tactics you can use:

  • Clear your workspace of anything you don't use for work. For example, remove fiction books, e-readers, toys like Rubik's cubes, food and snacks, and similar items.

  • This also applies to your computer's desktop. If it's cluttered with files and folders that lack organization, locating something can become difficult. I typically keep my desk completely clear, storing only items that are temporary and need to be processed or relocated. Therefore, an empty desktop signifies to me that there are no pending issues with files and folders – all are either discarded as unnecessary or correctly organized, such as in the cloud.

  • Store your phone out of sight and reach. Ideally, it should not be visible or within arm's length to prevent the temptation to pick it up and browse social media sites like Instagram or Reddit.

  • Disable unnecessary notifications to avoid distractions during work. Keep only those notifications that assist you in completing your tasks. If you're using macOS, activate Focus to block unneeded alerts. I plan to introduce an automatic activation feature for Focus during the Work Phase in my application soon. Stay tuned for a list of upcoming features on this page.

  • Eliminate unnecessary applications or keep them out of view. For instance, remove them from the macOS Dock and store them solely in Launchpad. Uninstall unneeded browser extensions that frequently display ads and open unwanted tabs. Delete unnecessary bookmarks in your browser or relocate them to a hidden folder. Also, delete or archive unneeded chats and conversations in your messaging apps.

  • Configure your email to sort messages into specific folders automatically. For instance, if you frequently receive invoices (for mobile services, internet, utilities, etc.), create an "Invoices" folder and automatically direct emails from certain senders to this folder. This approach will significantly reduce the clutter in your inbox.

  • If your environment is noisy, consider using earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. If these aren't available, regular headphones playing non-distracting background music, like ambient sounds or trance, can also be effective.

  • On the other hand, avoid listening to potentially distracting background content (such as YouTube or podcasts). Even seemingly beneficial activities, like listening to language lessons, should not be done alongside other tasks. Multitasking can diminish the quality of your work in each area. Constant multitasking might even lead your brain to resist your efforts over time. I experienced this firsthand; it took me several months to overcome this habit and additional time for my brain to fully cooperate with me on tasks again.

  • If you work from home, consider setting specific times when you cannot be disturbed. This could involve a closed door, a "Do Not Disturb" sign near you, or wearing headphones. Request that your family or housemates avoid interrupting you for minor matters. If it's not urgent, ask them to send you a message instead. You can check the message later and respond when you're not busy.

Try some of the recommended strategies and observe how they affect your focus. I have been applying these methods for years and continue discovering new ways to enhance my productivity. Remember, this is an ongoing journey without a final destination because there's always room for improvement!