Advanced automated
pomodoro timer

Automato is a pomodoro timer for macOS
which makes pomodoro technique effortless and inevitable.
The app requires no effort, it starts and stops automatically,
notifies when you need to take a break.

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App profiles
Effortlessly create profiles and switch between them in an instant.
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Rich preferences, ultimate customization
App Settings
Customize every aspect of the application
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App usage modes
App modes
Initiate the timer manually, set it to auto-start, or let Automato make the decision on your behalf
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Detect inactivity during the Work Phase
Inactivity Detection
Receive alerts in case of deviation from your work tasks
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Detect activity during the Rest Phase
Activity Detection
Receive alerts if you continue working during your designated rest period
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Pit-stop for a while
Stop for a while
Perfectly suited for meetings or when you require complete focus without distractions.
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Time rewinding
Rewind by clicking
Effortlessly adjust the timer's duration to your preference.
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Take a pause
Pause Button
Effortless pausing and resume on demand
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Add extra time
Postpone button
Still have unfinished tasks?
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Accessibility helper
Accessibility Helper
Quickly enable Accessibility permission to utilize the Auto mode
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Fast postpone
Fast Postpone
Instantly add extra time with a single click!
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Custom postpone
Custom Postpone
An additional convenient method to postpone the timer
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Skip phases
Skip Button
Proceed directly from the current phase to the subsequent phase.
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This is how Automato works

Automato: how it works
  1. The Focus phase is the first phase that begins once you launch the Automato app. This phase is typically short, lasting approximately 15 seconds. During this phase, Automato checks if you are actively using your computer. If you are, Automato transitions to the next phase. However, if no activity is detected, the app returns to the start of the Focus phase. This phase is designed to prevent accidental timer starts, such as those caused by pets walking on your keyboard.

  2. The Work phase is the core of your productivity session, where you actively engage with your computer for a 25-minute interval, a duration you can customize in the settings. During this phase, Automato vigilantly monitors your activity levels. If it detects inactivity, such as no mouse movement or typing, it sends an alert before eventually returning you to the Focus phase. This feature ensures that your work sessions are truly productive by encouraging continuous activity.

  3. After a productive 25-minute work session, it's time for a well-deserved break. To ensure you truly disconnect, Automato transitions to the Overwork Phase. This brief but vital phase is designed to promote healthy work habits. Automato sends you auditory and visual reminders to stop working and take a break. Once you've disengaged from work, Automato transitions to the next phase, ensuring a balanced work-rest cycle.

  4. Consider doing something worthwhile and physically active during the Rest Phase. For example, you can go to the kitchen, drink water, or do ten squats. During this phase, Automato detects if you are doing some activity on your computer. If you do, then Automato notifies you first, and then (after some consistent activity time during the Rest Phase), the timer will be postponed, which means Automato will return you to the Work Phase with 01:00 remaining time. But if you diligently rested for 5 minutes, you returned to the Focus Phase (and the cycle starts again). Automato plays a sound when transitioning to the Focus phase, so most likely won't miss that moment.

Contacts and Support

If you have any questions about Automato, don't hesitate to contact us at:
We typically respond within 48 hours and will be happy to assist you.