App usage modes

App modes

Our application offers three tiers of automation for user convenience, each designed to accommodate varying degrees of user interaction and control.

Manual Mode: In this mode, users must initiate and start timers manually. This mode is particularly advantageous for users who prefer complete command over the application's functionality. It proves especially beneficial for learning from videos or other passive activities, where direct interaction with the computer is minimal, rendering the Auto mode less effective.

Semi-Automatic Mode: This mode closely mirrors the Manual mode but introduces two significant toggles for enhanced flexibility. The first toggle automates the transition into the Work phase immediately following the Rest phase, while the second automates entry into the Rest phase after the Work phase. Enabling both toggles creates a seamless cycle between work and rest periods, requiring user intervention only to acknowledge the transition prompts.

Auto Mode: This represents the pinnacle of automation within our application. The application adeptly initiates and halts timers based on the detected activity levels by monitoring user activity, including keystrokes, mouse movements, and touchpad interactions. This mode intelligently adjusts to periods of inactivity during expected work times, and vice versa, offering a range of customizable settings to tailor the application's responsiveness to individual user needs.

It is important to note that enabling Auto Mode necessitates granting Accessibility permission through the macOS "Security & Privacy" settings to ensure full functionality. Detailed instructions on authorizing this permission are provided here for user convenience.