Here is a list of features that Automato provides.
Most of the features are aimed at automation, at easy and relaxed work with the Pomodoro timer.
We will be happy to discuss if you are missing any features. Please reach out to our customer support.
Also, please take a look to the list of planned features below, maybe we already planning to implement something you have in mind.

Effortlessly create profiles and switch between them in an instant.

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Customize every aspect of the application

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Initiate the timer manually, set it to auto-start, or let Automato make the decision on your behalf

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Receive alerts in case of deviation from your work tasks

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Receive alerts if you continue working during your designated rest period

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Perfectly suited for meetings or when you require complete focus without distractions.

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Effortlessly adjust the timer's duration to your preference.

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Effortless pausing and resume on demand

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Still have unfinished tasks?

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Quickly enable Accessibility permission to utilize the Auto mode

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Instantly add extra time with a single click!

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An additional convenient method to postpone the timer

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Proceed directly from the current phase to the subsequent phase.

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Planned features

Here, you will find a list of planned features.
If you want to see any feature in this list, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support.
We will always be happy to discuss.

Automatically activate macOS system-wide focus during the Work Phase

For example, if the starter Work Phase is activated standard (Do Not Disturb) or any custom focus of your choice.

Automatically stop the timer when the microphone or camera is in use

It may be very useful for unexpected meetings with colleagues, when you don't have such meeting in your calendar.

Continuously play audio until you return back from the Rest Phase

Sometimes, you are far from the computer and cannot hear the notification sound that the rest phase is complete. In this case, the application will continuously play a sound, reminding you that it is time to return to work.

Prevent the app closing by CMD+Q

Prevent closing an application by accidentally pressing the CMD+Q key combination. This can sometimes happen if the app's popup comes out at the wrong time.

Scheduled stop

Automatic stop of the timer according to a specified schedule. For example, every day after 20:00.

Stop the timer during calendar events

For example, if there is an event on the calendar, the timer will be stopped at the moment of this event.