Rich preferences, ultimate customization

App Settings

Automato offers a highly adaptable platform with various customizable settings accessible from the Preferences page.

Profile Switcher

At the forefront is a control group dedicated to managing application profiles. Here, users can create, delete, or switch between profiles. Selecting a profile stores the majority of the adjustable settings within it. The "Reset to defaults" option only reverts settings to their original state for the currently active profile.

Common Settings Tab

Key settings include the Work and Rest Phase durations, which are essential for delineating work and rest intervals. The Sound volume setting governs the volume for all sounds emitted by the app across all phases. Additionally, users can customize or mute the sounds, marking the end of the Work and Rest phases through designated controls.

Automation Settings Tab

Important for Auto mode users: the Focus and Overwork phases enhance the app's automated functionality. The Focus Phase time setting establishes a period expecting continuous user activity to avoid unintended Work Phase activation. Should activity cease within this interval, the timer resets. Following the Work Phase, the Overwork Phase alerts users to cease activity, transitioning into the Rest Phase based on the "Inactivity time to consider you're away" setting.

For optimal autonomy, enabling the application to start with the system and the timer to begin upon application launch is recommended.

Detection Settings Tab

Specific to Auto mode, this tab handles scenarios of inactivity during the Work Phase and excessive activity during the Rest Phase. Automato notifies the user in both situations. Ignored notifications trigger appropriate measures, such as initiating the Work Mode with one minute remaining or activating the Focus Phase if the warning during the Work Phase is unheeded.