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Automato is dedicated to streamlining your experience through automation, aiming to manage all aspects of Pomodoro timer operation on your behalf, including starting, stopping, and pausing as required.

Explore these features for enhanced productivity:

The Auto mode necessitates granting Accessibility permission to the application, a process detailed here. With this permission, Automato can monitor various user actions, including mouse movements and keyboard inputs, enabling it to discern your activity levels on the computer (e.g., typing, scrolling, or cursor movements). Importantly, Automato strictly observes user privacy by tracking only the occurrence of activity without recording or transmitting any specifics of the actions performed.

As previously highlighted, the application exclusively identifies the presence of activity without specifying the nature of the actions undertaken. Distribution occurs via the App Store, where each application undergoes rigorous review and testing by Apple to ensure quality and security before it becomes available to you.

As a supplementary precaution, employing a firewall to block outbound internet requests from applications is advisable. Little Snitch is a personal recommendation that I utilize for this purpose.